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A public-private initiative to increase student's knowledge on Southeast Asia and China and their role on the global stage

Gain knowledge on Southeast Asia and China with the ABC-programme of the NAHSS

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Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School

Regardless of where you are located or in what sector you operate, you will come into contact with Asia and its influences. Especially Southeast Asia and China have become major players on the global stage. To prepare students for this future, the Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School (NAHSS) yearly offers 70 to 100 excellent bachelor students the opportunity to gain knowledge on Southeast Asia and China. The participants follow an extensive programme that informs them about the Asian academic world, business life and culture.

The NAHSS aims to enlighten its participants about all facets of Southeast Asia and China through knowledge exchange and personal experience. Participants of the NAHSS 2024 will learn more about this year's theme Navigating Change and perform a consultancy project for one of our partners, follow lectures by Asia experts and take part in a preporatory track in the Netherlands and summer programme to Hong Kong and Ho Chi Minh City . In this way, the students are prepared for a future with Southeast Asia and China as players on the global stage. Currently, 1/3rd of our alumni comes into contact with Asia on a daily basis!


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Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School

Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School

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De Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School collaborates with a multitude of Dutch and Asian companies, universities and government institutions.