Become a partner

The rapid growth of China is of great importance to Dutch businesses. Still, few Dutch students gain knowledge of China during their studies. This is unfortunate for the development of Dutch talent. In 2012, a growing community of companies, research universities, and governmental bodies joined forces by founding the Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School. The NAHSS, and therefore indirectly its partners, aim to prepare students for the global shift China is causing and the increasing importance of the country during their careers.

An Investment

By becoming a NAHSS-partner, you invest in the future of the Dutch economy by contributing to the development of Dutch talent. On top of that, the NAHSS offers a unique platform to get in touch with a group of top perfoming students – selected for the programme by their universities and NAHSS partners – who have a special interest in Asia and topics like urbanisation, innovation and sustainability. The selected students conduct research and work on projects for the partners of the NAHSS. Every year, the students do so with a relevant and topical overarching theme. In 2023, this theme is Reinventing Growth & Globalisation.

Supervisory Board

The interests of our partners will be guaranteed by the Supervisory Board of the NAHSS, a board of experienced professionals that oversees the activities of the Program Board. Currently, the Supervisory Board consists of the following members: Anton Pijpers (President Executive Board Utrecht University), Dieuwert Inia (Managing Partner McKinsey & Company NL), Karin Mössenlechner (Director Asia & Oceania Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Peter Diez (Director International Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management), David Gianotten (Managing Partner - Architect OMA), and Gerrit-Jan Steenbergen (CIO A.S. Watson).

Partner contribution

As a partner of the NAHSS you will be expected to contribute both financially and in-kind (e.g., a company visit; workshop). Without the contributions of our partners, the NAHSS would not be able to organize this national honours programme for top performing Dutch students. The relationships with our partners are based on the shared interest for both partners and the initiative to realise the goal: to enable the participants of the NAHSS to become fully aware of the global shift China is causing. Because of the growing importance of China and Asia as a whole, this programme is a future investment, which could not be realized without the help of our appreciated partners!

Do you want to become a partner?

Does your organization share our vision and would you like to know more about a partnership with the NAHSS? Please contact the Program Board ( for more information and have a look at our Value Proposition.