China has been one of the fastest growing countries in the world for the past decade. For the Netherlands – an open and export-oriented economy – the country is of vital importance, seen as China is one of the Netherlands’ largest trading partners for both import and export. Provided China’s expected economic growth will make it the largest economy globally soon, its importance on the global stage will only increase. However, the number of Dutch speaking students travelling to Asia, and China especially, is limited. Therefore, Dutch students have limited knowledge of and experience with China. To prepare Dutch students for this, Dutch talent must be offered an opportunity to gain knowledge on China. The NAHSS offers them this opportunity and by doing so, helps to make the next generation prepared for a future in which China plays a big role in all sectors.


The NAHSS was initiated by Utrecht University, Delft University, McKinsey & Company, and AkzoNobel in 2012. Nowadays, the initiative is supported by eleven Dutch research universities, four Dutch ministries, and many leading Dutch and Asian multinationals. Through this distinctive triple helix network, the NAHSS invests in the future of excellent Dutch students by letting them gain knowledge on China.


Ever since its founding in 2012, the NAHSS has actively focused on carrying out the importance of China-related knowledge and experiences. Educating and motivating students, exchanging knowledge, and facilitating dialogues on topics in which both Dutch and Chinese have interests are among the goals of the NAHSS. Setting up and strengthening a network of NAHSS alumni, companies, universities, and ministries with knowledge and experience with China is key in this.


The NAHSS aims to do so, initially by organizing a national honours programme for excellent Dutch undergraduate students of Dutch research universities. This programme offers these students the unique possibility to learn about China and Asia during a summer programme containing academic, business, and cultural aspects. Participants receive lectures by leading experts on their activities in the Chinese or international market. By deploying experts from a broad range of sectors and backgrounds, the NAHSS aims to let participants become fully aware of all facets of China and Asia. In this way, participants get prepared for a future in which they will come into contact with China and its influences.