Mission and Vision

The NAHSS was founded in 2012 to raise awareness among Dutch students of the changing role of China on the world stage. Today, China’s importance can no longer be ignored. No matter the type of career Dutch students will pursue, they will encounter China and its influences. To prepare Dutch students for this, the NAHSS aims to increase their knowledge of China and its role on the global stage. The NAHSS does so by shedding light on various perspectives on current topics and facilitating the dialogue on this. The NAHSS operates completely independently in this.

Every year, 70 to 100 ambitious Dutch students are selected from participating universities to partake in the programme. To enable these students to form an as complete as possible view of the Chinese culture, society, and relations, all components of the programme are set up with a clear mission and vision.


The NAHSS aims to prepare students for a career in a world in which China plays a major role in all sectors.

  • Expand students their knowledge on China by raising awareness about all facets of China;
  • Facilitate a discussion about subjects in which both Dutch and Chinese people have interest in;
  • The creation and strengthening of a network of NAHSS alumni with knowledge about and experience with China.


The NAHSS strives for a future in which:

  • Dutch students are prepared in their later career for China being a big player on the global stage;
  • A significant proportion of Dutch students comes into contact with and learns about China;
  • Dutch students open-mindedly and well-informed enter the debate on geopolitical affairs.

NAHSS Alumni