Mission and Vision

The NAHSS was founded to raise awareness among Dutch student of the growing role of China. In short, the NAHSS is a national excellence track for ambitious Dutch students with an interest in China. In this way, the NAHSS contributes to strengthening the bilateral relation between the Netherlands and China. She aims to do this by informing her participants as complete as possible about China and her (business)culture, in the hope of enthusing them for a China-oriented career.
To allow the hundred participating students to form as complete a picture as possible of Chinese society, all program components have been set up with a clear mission and vision.


Bringing Dutch top students into contact with and informing them about China. By creating awareness among the participants on the growing presence of China on the world stage and by preparing them for a China-oriented carreer, this generation can strengthen the bilateral relations between China and the Netherlands

  • Increase awareness of and knowledge about China by informing students in the broadest sense;
  • Create opportunities to prepare students for a China-oriented career;
  • Setting up and strengthening a national public-private network of Dutch and Chinese organizations.


A future in which:

  • Dutch students are fully aware of the growing role of China;
  • A significant proportion of Dutch students go to China every year;
  • It is common for them to build a career there

NAHSS Alumni

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct describes the values that give direction to working for, collaborating with, and participating in the Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School (NAHSS). Click here to read our Code of Conduct.