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Research NAHSS 2023 – Reinventing Growth & Globalisation

During the NAHSS programme, the participants conduct research and work on projects assigned by our partners. All projects focus on Asia and are closely related to the overarching theme of the NAHSS edition. Every year, this overarching theme is a topic relevant for both the Netherlands and Asia. In 2023, the theme will be Reinventing Growth & Globalisation. Click here to read more about this theme.



Gradually but inevitably, the world is becoming aware of the dire consequences climate change will have. In every solution to this problem, China plays a crucial role. With Curbing Climate Change as the central theme of 2022, 11 student teams have looked into sustainable innovation and the role of cooperation between the Netherlands, the EU and China. The results of these projects can be read here, in the magazine of the NAHSS 2022.


Globalization is happening both physically and digitally, due to rapid technological development. China paves the way in these developments. During the NAHSS 2021, 11 student teams performed research on The Power of Connectivity. The results of these projects can be read here, in the magazine of the NAHSS 2021. The projects vary from research on the Belt and Road Initiative to research on the green certificate market.


The NAHSS 2019 was focused on the theme Sustainable Growth. 13 project teams performed research for one of the partners of the NAHSS, during which this theme was the point of focus. The teams specialized themselves in various aspects of the process of sustainable growth in various sectors. Especially in the rapidly growing economy of China, making sure that processes are executed in a sustainable way is of utmost importance. The results of the research performed can be found here in the magazine of the NAHSS 2019.


Recent technological developments are leading to rapid globalization through the internet. In 2018, students of the NAHSS performed research on the consequences of the creation of this new Digital Society. 13 project teams were accompanied in this by partners of the NAHSS. Their results can be found in the magazine of the NAHSS 2018.


The large baby boom after WWII has caused rising pressure on the Chinese health sector. In 2017, participants of the NAHSS did research on the effects of the baby boom on the Chinese society and business world as part of the theme Health & Aging. The results of these projects, performed for partners of the NAHSS, are bundled in the NAHSS magazine that can be read here.


In 2016, the theme of the NAHSS was The Chinese Circular Economy. The Chinese economy has developed at a massive pace, during which a lot of depletable resources were used. If these resources aren't reused or recycled, major problems can occur. 10 NAHSS teams did research on these problems and their solutions. There foundings are combined in the NAHSS magazine 2016, which can be read here.


Chinese Innovation was the theme of the NAHSS 2015. The students conducted research on the sectors 'Sustainable Living', 'Government & Society' and 'Smart Cities'. The results and recommendations are to be found in the NAHSS Magazine, which you can read here.


In 2014, 100 excellent students were selected and divided over ten multidisciplinary teams. All these teams focused on the theme: Urbanisation. Their results were merged into the NAHSS-magazine, which you can read here.


In 2013, the central theme was Doing Business with China. The students answered the following question: ‘How can we enhance Dutch business with China?’ Four subgroups answered this question and their results were merged into a flyer, that can be looked into here.


In 2012, all thirty NAHSS-students answered the following research question: ‘How can we maximize the exposure of dutch students to China and how can the NAHSS optimally contribute to this?’ The group was divided in five project teams to answer this research question. Their recommendations can be read here.