Selection Criteria

A life-changing experience. The opportunity to learn more about China and Southeast Asia: a unique experience with a fantastic group.”

NAHSS offers 70 to 100 ambitious students annually the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge about Southeast Asia and China. From late March through late September, students participate in a program highlighting Asian academia, business and culture. Participants will learn more about the Navigating Change theme by conducting a consulting project for one of the NAHSS partners, company visits, lectures by Asia experts, the Take-Off in the Netherlands and the trip to Southeast Asia.

During the preparatory process in the Netherlands, we expect participants to commit between five and seven hours per week for project work and NAHSS-related activities. In addition, all components of the NAHSS program are mandatory.

Applications for the NAHSS 2024 will open on December 1st and close on January 10th.

When are you eligible?

  • You are a second- or third-year bachelor student at one of our Dutch partner universities. You must be enrolled as a student at the university in the period March until August 2024.
    Please note: higher-year bachelor students with valid reasons for study delay - such as an administrative year or internship - may also apply for the NAHSS.
  • You are fluent in English in speaking and writing. A Dutch nationality is not a requirement.
  • You have an affinity with Southeast Asia and China.
  • You are ambitious, social, open-minded, and entrepreneurial.
  • You are an excellent student (the student meets at least one of the following criteria):
    • Honours student;
    • Performed relevant extracurricular activities;
    • Above average grades (≥7.5 out of 10).

Don't hesitate to contact us if you are unsure if you meet the above criteria? E-mail:

Application documents

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Official academic transcript + average (scaled between 1-10) from the start of your bachelor’s up until now.
    Please note: University College students with a different grading system should convert their GPA to a grade point average between 1-10.
  • Short video pitch in which you explain why the NAHSS should select you and how you could contribute to a more integrated understanding of the contemporary Dutch-Asian relation (max. 2 minutes in English, recorded horizontally, MP4).
    Please note: pitches will not be viewed for longer than the requested 2 minutes.
  • Two short essays in English (both a maximum of 300 words, possible references are not included in the total wordcount):
    • Essay 1: Write an essay that covers the NAHSS theme Navigating Change. Write this essay about one of the following two options:
      • 1A) Explain how the Dutch society could incorporate changing developments in China and/or Southeast Asian countries to its advantage, in the context of either: ecological issues, digital innovation, business opportunities, or geopolitical relations.
      • 1B) Explain how China and/or Southeast Asian countries could incorporate changing developments of the Dutch society to its advantage, in the context of either: ecological issues, digital innovation, business opportunities, or geopolitical relations.
    • Essay 2: Write a personal statement in which you explain what you expect to experience professionally and personally during your year participating in the NAHSS. Highlight the significance of working within a multidisciplinary and international team.

Note: all documents should be delivered in English.

Evaluation criteria for the essays

  • Structure
  • Originality
  • Style and grammar

Tips for making a good video pitch

  • Keep it personal
  • Organize your sales pitch around a central idea
  • Make sure your video pitch stands out among all the other submissions
  • Pay close attention to the setting in which you record the pitch. Choose a bright place where the sound is easy to hear, rather than a dark place with lots of background noise. Record it horizontally.

How to submit the application documents

With your application, you need to provide the required documents through a link created with the SURF filesender website. The link contains one PDF file containing: your resume, official grade list and two short essays. In addition, the link contains your video pitch in MP4 format. Name both files as follows: 'University_NameSurname' (e.g.: UniversiteitUtrecht_AnneJanssen).

Additional application requirements for selective universities

Some universities have additional application requirements, such as writing a letter of recommendation, or an additional application round. Furthermore, some universities offer support with your application, such as training in preparing a CV. For these reasons, we recommend that you contact your university's contact person for your university's specific application requirements. Click here to view contact information for the contact person at your university.

The selection process

Selection for the NAHSS consists of two rounds. The first round of selection is conducted by universities, with each university shortlisting up to 20 students. The selected students are nominated by a national selection committee for the second round of selection. This selection is conducted by a team of delegates from NAHSS partners. This second selection round results in the final group of students who will participate in NAHSS.

Financial contribution

The NAHSS is largely funded by its partners: Dutch universities, ministries and a large number of companies. In addition, participants are expected to make their own contribution of €1200-1300 (t.b.a.) for the trip to Southeast Asia. For this price, the NAHSS provides its participants with the flight to Asia, accommodation during the entire summer program (in the Netherlands and Asia), events, company visits, training, guidance during the projects and access to the exclusive NAHSS network. Expenses for mandatory Covid-19 tests, food, drinks and activities on your own initiative in Asia are at your own expense

If by necessity the program does have to take place in the Netherlands, the contribution will be only €400.